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Technical problem or electrical issue

The rapid growth of technology used in cars has highlighted the need for a piece of diagnostic equipment that will give you X-Ray Vision, and show you the heartbeat of a vehicle electrical and electronic system.

An OBD scan tool is vital for modern vehicle diagnostics, however , trouble codes will only take you so far. The problem can arise when you phrase ‘fault code’ is used in connection with diagnosis. A code will rarely point you directly to the root cause of a vehicle fault, but can help focus your diagnosis on a specific area and run functional test. To find out properly what was the problem you will need sometimes special equipment such as oscilloscope.

Our service including every possible way and using our expensive equipment and knowledge to back on the road your car healthy and happy.

To find out fault we used latest equipment as Picoscope.


Few diagnostic analyze samples from our workshop:


Diagram above its live data from sensors and actuators which give us information how they works. Any bad activity can affect car as bad economy, drive ability, hesitation, high emission, etc….